Cosplay poker cards

Unique Czech project – playing cards with cosplayer motifs! The cards are of standard “poker” size (63x88 mm), and there are 54 cards per deck (4x13 cards of each suit plus 2 jokers), plus an info card. You can use them for any game like poker, mau mau, rummy or canasta. The decks were, as a collectible item, printed in a limited printrun without any additional reprint.

You can find many familiar faces from czech and slovak cosplay community here:

- Niky cosplay

- Germia

- Ketrin cosplay

- Ali cosplay & props

- Juriet cosplay

- Blockholm

- Gehenna cosplay

- TanakhT cosplay

- Tawii

- Teresa / Cosplayteam33

- Mary & Feinobi

- Human cupcake Anika

- Grumpycait


The lead photographers were Líza „Skiu“ Martinovská and David „Mitty“ Mitáš.

6.69 eur

weight : 100 grams

availability : 296 on store

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