Líza "Skiu" Martinovská

Photographer, graphic designer, introvert, geek...

I am from Prague and I am willing to do anything for a good photo. From lying on gravel or in snow, to crawling in ice-cold water or swamp. Unfortunately, with my 5'4'', I am easily overlooked at events. To answer the questions people often ask me: Yes, I studied photography in the high school, but I learned everything by myself. I got to photographing thanks to my first con, Advík 2014, where I first encountered the term "cosplay".

Yes, I am primarily a cosplay photographer. But I do not photograph the cosplayer. I try to capture the character played. That is why I choose appropriate scene and atmosphere for the photo, that fits the character the best.

My lens is aimed also on portraits and dogs, but I am never shy of new challenges!

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