Cosmangacraft.com is an idea built on the fact that people often prefer originality to mainstream. Many creators, however, usually lack the means to transform their digital or paper ideas into reality.

We want to focus on both cosplayers and manga artists. We want to get their creations to various items, like posters, keychains, T-shirts and many more.

Our primary aim is to support those creative people and allow their fans to purchase accessories with their favorite themes from favorite artists. The originality (though it won’t address the most popular themes in the case of illustrators) will be in a stark contrast with booth vendors, who are often selling items with non-authorized or stolen images at the conventions.

We will gradually broaden our portfolio, because we collaborate directly with the cosplayers and artists – combined with the time needed for manufacture, a far more time-consuming process than just downloading graphics from the web without asking the author for permission. But even now, you can find two of our key products in the e-shop already – cosplay playing cards and a collectible edition of coscards.

Many other interesting things are coming, so watch our web or FB pages closely.


Are you an artist or a cosplayer and do you want your work to get to more people in the form of interesting accessories? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@cosmangacraft.com

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