If you are fans of live action role-playing games (LARP in short), we got some great news for you – we decided to broaden our portfolio and offer the original collectible shiny “business cards” to you, people who also spend a lot of time and money on their original costumes.

We will offer the cards in 100, 200 and 300 pcs for an individual or a whole clan or faction. Like coscards, we limit the production by one player/clan card per year, to preserve the rarity and uniqueness.

The first idea came from a gaming community member who participates in events organized by American company  Peculiar Crossroads Production LLC. Gradually, we would like to address also LARP communities in all European countries, but also Canada or Australia. But let’s look now how the cards will look like.




You can see for yourself that the  changes are mainly cosmetic and only in design. The cards will still have numbering, name, nationality, social media contacts and short info about yourself, this all is kept. LARP players, however, often organize themselves into groups, clans or fractions, and we have prepared more options in this regard, as seen below.




LARPcards, compared to coscards, needn’t – and probably also wouldn’t – have unified design of the back side. We aim to customize the cards for the players, they can choose for themselves (under some available options) what they want to have there. Also we want to thanks to amazing Raquel Skellington for support and big help with spread of info about those new cards!






Still have some questions about cards?

Contact us at info@cosmangacraft.com, through the contact form you can find at this page or via Facebook PM at our FB page. We will be happy to discuss details with you!


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