Manga or anime-themed playing cards? Yeah, you certainly notice those on ebay from time to time. But cards with cosplayers instead of the characters? Now that’s something you do not see every day.

A couple of months ago we gathered a team of fourteen Czech and Slovakian cosplayers, a couple of photographers and tried to create something truly unique. And as you can see for yourself, our first attempt succeeded beyond our expectations!




We introduce you our cosplay-themed playing cards. You can use them for any game played with 52(+2) deck – like poker, mau mau, rummy or canasta.  The cards are of standard “poker” size (63x88 mm), and there are 54 cards per deck (4x13 cards of each suit plus 2 jokers), plus an info card. The decks were, as a collectible item, printed in a limited printrun without any additional reprint.


You can find many familiar faces from cosplay community here, like Germia, Gehenna, GrumpyCait, Niky, Ketrin, Ali, TanakhT and others. The lead photographers were Líza „Skiu“ Martinovská and David „Mitty“ Mitáš.




The playing cards are as of now available only in pre-sale in our e-shop, but we negotiate simultaneously with several distributors both in the Czech Republic and abroad to get the product to as many places as possible. The regular sale begins on November the 7th.


Are you a store owner and are you interested in wholesale of these playing cards? Do not hesitate to contact us on

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